Our Team

Knox Studios’ goal is to help you fall in love with your story. Let’s build emotional connections to your audience, through the most creative content.

Development Team

Stacy Jobe


Stacy brings over 17 years of experience in operations management, financial analysis, team building, and business development to Knox Studios.

Keith Greer

Keith has led marketing operations in small start-up businesses and large corporate divisions. His hands-on approach enables him to move products in any industry using cutting-edge media.

Erin Brinkworth

Erin is a production specialist with ten years of experience in creating effective, strategic content for national and international brands. Her current work includes some of the IMS’ top-performing longform shows over the last two years.

Sydney Stephenson

Sydney comes to Knox from LA, where she has built 20 years of experience both in front of and behind the lens. Sydney has directed and produced feature films, commercials, and music videos.

Logann Miller

Logann’s experience in social media execution and brand building keeps her constantly thinking about audiences. She builds relationships and connects people in strategic ways that benefit all.

Shad Wyckoff

Shad has over 20 years of film and video experience. His technical expertise and artistic vision lead the way in producing content.

Execution Team

Amber Mabie
Amy Hearn
Andy Lamon
Brandon Witt
Carl Evens
Cole Deaver
Dean Wilhite
Dustin Jones
Jason Bushore
Jason Wilson
Joe Busch
John Almendarez
Jon Minson
Jordan Underwood

Josh Himes
Justin Gieger
Lael Erickson
Mike Galloway
Micah Leon
Nathan Raglin
Preston Darley
Randy Lamon
Rick Lipe
Ryan Mitchell
Shahada Kari
Shannon Perrin
Stephen Wymer
Tim Katzenmeier

Join Our Team

If you’re passionate about storytelling, creativity and modern media, we want to meet you. We’re building a team of extremely talented, collaborative and genuinely fun people, so whether we’re formally looking to make a new hire or not, if you fit this description, we want to know who you are. Drop us a line!