Our Team

Whether experienced on the widest theatrical screen or the smallest iPhone, Knox is the talent to bring your story alive. By the time we’re creating your vision, we’ve researched, explored, studied, foreseen and walked a mile in your shoes with one simple goal: to connect. So while Knox has all the gear–and more–you’d expect to find on the set of any major motion picture in Hollywood (or Oklahoma for that matter), it doesn’t really matter if you don’t have dreamers driving it.

Our Leadership

Nader Tavangar


20+ years experience guiding corporate initiatives across the globe, earning deep and abiding trust of people who don’t give it away easily. Nader serves on the company’s executive leadership team bringing focus in relationship management, event management, studio production and execution. He is comfortable in any setting, but mostly in the fast-paced, high-tension moments of impossibility.

Mark Steele


Mark Steele is a Producer, Director, and Writer for film and stage as well as Founder of Mark Steele Creative in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For 30 years, Mark has worked with some of the world’s best visual artists to blend the mediums of live action, motion design, animation and virtual reality to engage audiences and build brands. Mark is also a well-known author, speaker, and comedian.

Mark has written and directed media for clients as diverse as Walmart, Honda, Verizon, Sonic Drive-In, and Hasbro.

Mark has also produced, written, and directed some of the largest live multimedia youth theatrical events in American history, with tour audiences totaling over two million, including multiple events seeing attendance of over 75,000 in a single venue.

Mark wrote extensively for VeggieTales in his four-year role as Chief of Creative Affairs for Big Idea Entertainment – writing thirteen hour-long episodes and 45 songs produced for episodes. His most recent book is the collection of fictional short stories entitled “The Most Important Thing Happening” (2013). His first feature film musical “Radio City” is currently in development with Knox Studios.

Keith Greer


Specialize in leading marketing and operations for high-growth companies from startups to corporate divisions as an executive, consultant, and entrepreneur. A critical player in taking programs and products from inception to $100M+ revenues with limited resources and while leveraging multi-media marketing avenues. Extremely hands-on and able to move products in any industry using cutting-edge media from an idea to full execution. 

Career Highlights: Launching original products that became #1 multi-million selling hits, twice building company divisions to 150+ employees, purchasing a company for $1.5M and selling for $100M, and 15+ years of startup success. 

Lael Erickson


Emmy Award winner Lael Erickson is a seeker of extraordinary light, visceral images and personalized stories. With over 40 years of concepting, designing, writing and executing ideas that tell tales short or long, comes an understanding that ideas spring from experiencing life – knowing at any moment natural or human-made elements can expose the senses to the rhythm of music, to the brilliance of light and dark, to feelings real or surreal. These are the instigators – the creators of thought that become the words, the sounds and the visions that move Lael to create and execute award winning broadcast and online content for a host of international, national, regional and local clients related to Advocacy, the Arts, Banking, Consumer Goods, Energy, Entertainment, Finance, Manufacturing, Insurance, Non-profit, QSR, Technology, Travel and Tourism.

With over 2,000 hours of in-helicopter aerial direction, Lael has created motion picture quality images using WesCam, SpaceCam, and Cineflex camera systems in 35mm film to 4k video formats. Lael introduced AVID non-linear editing systems to the company’s growing technology in the early 1990s and developed one of the fastest growing production entities in the southwest. Complimenting a staff of producers and editors Lael added cinematographers, camera operators, gaffers, grips, PAs and an array of motion-picture cameras and support equipment, Steadi-cam, drone technology, full grip and electric support and vehicles to manage the expanding short and long-form production creative for an ever-growing client base.

Lael has spent a lifetime creating indelible images by pushing the senses and stretching time. It is what you do to find the best light and to get the best shot, and to create stories worth remembering

Favorite aphorism: Love the pitcher less and the water more.

Our Producers

Amy Hearn

VP / Executive Producer

Jason Bushore

Senior Audio Producer

Shahada Kari


Andy Lamon

 Senior Producer

Rick Lipe

Senior Producer

Erin Brinkworth