What Really is the Most Powerful Commodity in our World?

The single most impactful factor in our modern lives is actually the one thing that influences how we think, feel and act upon all of those other matters.

The single greatest commodity is STORY.

Because it is STORY that puts a why to our what. Story transforms minds and hearts – pointing towards everything else we want or need. Story motivates and inspires – shaping who and how we love, how we treat ourselves and others – even the details of our legacy.

The appetite for great story has never been stronger.

The audience has never been larger.

The venues to let your story be known have never been more plentiful.

This is the golden age of story – because the audience is ravenously consuming smarter narratives told by eclectic storytellers with niche backgrounds. The palate of the audience is more refined, craving complex multi-season antihero arcs and hard, real documentaries. Smart comedy. Stories from maligned and fringe perspectives.

There is a massive opportunity at hand: an insatiable appetite for the best content creation. When that content is created well, it holds influence, steering the audience that makes it its own.

For this very reason, everywhere you look, savvy change-makers are acquiring, commissioning, and creating the very best stories. From the biggest brands to the most prestigious media companies and investors, the strategic minds are searching in unexpected places: the white spaces, the underserved voices. The untapped narratives that surprise and compel.

Enter Knox Studios.

Comprised of a team of world-class storytellers with decades of experience in the vast gamut of mediums, Knox Studios partners with artists, brands, and other creatives to craft stunning narratives that allow the audience to see themselves clearly – and then see themselves differently.

Our global network of collaborators have an eye for compelling truth and the talent and courage to translate that truth into stories the world wants to binge and repeat.

We come at every narrative with a clear point-of-view and then shape that perspective into a riveting tale that moves and surprises. Because we make our home in the middle, our tethers reach outward from a central point, experiencing the expanse of the world – but with strong and centered roots.

We have the hardworking ethos to produce great stories with a swiftness and economy you don’t tend to find on the coasts. And we have the business acumen to make our stories successful.

The result is nothing short of breathtaking. A diverse collaboration of creators around the bonfire crafting at the top of their game because we make one another better. The proof is in the outcome: an eclectic mix of content and developed intellectual property that ranges from the composed song to documentaries. From the most traditional advertising to feature films to reality to live experiences to limited series to animation. Wherever our creativity, our craft, and our partners take us. 

Knox knows that your story is the most valuable and precious asset that you own. We also know that most stories are never told at all – much less told well. We invite you to gather around the Bonfire of Knox Studios – to collaborate with our collective of storytellers.

Join the creative minds of Knox in concert to craft the stories that shape you – and in the process, help us build stories that will shape the world.