Commercial + Brand Storytelling

With a history rooted in brand strategy, Knox Studios brings a unique perspective and experience to commercial and brand storytelling. Our vertically integrated team can execute a vast range of production – always on time and on budget.

We’re Built to Work With …


We have a long history working directly with brands to fulfill creative storytelling needs – from commercial campaigns, corporate brand films, documentaries, episodic programming, web shows, animation, original music and more.

Our commissioned projects can be tailored to your brand’s exact needs and timeline, operating under a mutually agreed-upon proposal and scope of work.


Knox Studios was built inside of an advertising agency with over 80 years of experience with brand strategy. No matter how big or small, international or local, our team was trained to deliver a product that met corporate expectations.

That Knox Studios standard with diverse and wide-ranging experience prepared our team to create effective agency partnerships. We understand how to communicate with client services and work with brand managers, while sticking to what we do best – creating engaging, high-quality content that tells a brand’s story.

Government Entities

Knox Studios understands the need to have clear systems and processes in place to serve government entities. We deliver on the nuances and take care of the details, and then turn our focus to our passion for storytelling, videography expertise and post-production efficiencies. From episodic programming, to documentaries, commercials, cooking shows and much more, we tell great stories – about people and for people. (NAIC code 512110)

Commercial + Brand Experience

Video Production


EarthX “Post Plastic”

EarthX is an international nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to educating and inspiring action towards a more sustainable future worldwide. To this end, we developed a video series concept that would highlight people and brands making a difference in the health of our planet and its ecosystems. We vetted companies on an international scale to find the most ingenious and advanced environmental efforts and created “Post Plastic” as the first episode for the series, meant to premier at EarthX2020. By telling this story and others, we hoped to further EarthX efforts to bring these brands and ideas together as they work to make Earth a better place.


The Chickasaw Nation

Winner of a Heartland Regional EMMY, And Our Mothers Cried vividly brings to life the Indian boarding school era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The documentary presents compelling stories from the perspective of Chickasaw elders who lived through the boarding school era, weaving a complex story of sorrow and survival, but also one of hope and resiliency from a time when tribal governments and culture were under attack. Our team proudly created this documentary to give a historical American Indian perspective not usually found in history books.

Product Explainer

OG&E Energy

Serving more than 858,000 customers, OG&E is Oklahoma’s oldest and largest investor-owned electric utility. Our team produced a series of animated videos to inform their customers of what they care about most: outage causes and restoration, as well as basic electric infrastructure. Each animated video was created completely in house at Knox Studios, live on and are also used as social media resources by OG&E’s corporate communications team.

Product Story

Bell Helicopter

Bell’s V-280 Valor represents the largest step forward in tilt-rotor technology in a generation. Our video positions it on terms no competitor can match: no vertical-takeoff aircraft can take the warfighter further, faster. Look closely at the videography from :47 to the end—our production and animation teams collaborated to shoot the perfect desert landscape in rural Nevada, allowing us to show the animated V-280 make a dramatic landing.

Television Commercial

Home Title Lock

Home Title Lock has helped homeowners protect their most valuable asset from home title theft. Our team amplified Home Title Lock’s mission. From inception to launch, Knox pieced together compelling stories, told through videos tailored to unique audiences.

Audio Production

Podcast Production

Media Fabrica

The Your Life Depends On It podcast is produced entirely in-house by our experienced staff of producers and audio engineers, from conceptualization and pre-recording prep to interview recording and post-production. While most podcasts are captured in the same location, Knox Studios has eliminated that limitation as we have the capability to produce entire shows from anywhere with an internet connection. With our mobile guest kits, hosts and guests can record high-quality interviews just as if they were all sitting in the same room together. Each episode goes into post-production for final mix, giving our podcasts a clean and polished sound which then can be distributed and heard on every platform podcasts can be found.

Original Soundtrack Composition

Adventure Road

We produced an entire album’s worth of instrumental songs to provide the soundtrack to ‘Adventure Road,’ a concept that branded an entire stretch of I-35. This was an enormous musical job that involved composition, programming, and actually releasing the soundtrack as an album. This was all done completely in-house.

Original Music With Lyrics

Oklahoma State Fair

This was the first in what became a long-running series of ‘Great State of a Fair’ songs for the Oklahoma State Fair. It came to an end only when we finally ran out of town names. Our in-house lyricist put the song together, which was then produced in-house by our musical team and a singer we use regularly. Everyone involved in the project as the years went by certainly learned a lot more about the towns that make up our State.